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Bank's Use of Big Data & Analytics Holds Lessons For Entrepreneurs

Learn how this bank harnessed publics records, big data and analytics to uncover new customer segments and business opportunities....

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How Banks Combat Mobile Fraud with Behavioral Analytics - Marketing Analytics Today

Learn how financial institutions use behavioral analytics and big data to fight mobile fraud....

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Cloud Computing Services: About Tech Escrow Agreements - Marketing Analytics Today

Businesses depending on cloud computing services may be able to access the source code should certain events, like bankruptcy, occur....

A Digital Marketer's Guide to Finding Your Next Client....Offline - Marketing Analytics Today

Finding your next client in the "real world" is a little easier with these seven tips....

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Analytics Edge Helps Commodity Pros

Commodity trading professionals use analytics edge for decision-making in picking investments and evaluating their own performance....

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Digital Media Marketing Using Facial Recognition and Geofencing? - Marketing Analytics Today

Combining facial recognition and geofencing gives retailers a unique digital media marketing opportunity to deliver highly-customized mobile offers...